Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Great Photographer or Great Jumper?

Both apparently. I found this blog (My Modern Met) while searching around for inspiration today. There I found a post with the title "The Girl Who Loves to Levitate." In this post, a Japanese woman named Natsumi Hayashi, took self-portraits of herself levitating all around Tokyo, Japan. She literally sets up the self timer on her SLR, and then jumps into place. It looks so graceful, and perfectly planned. 

I love finding posts like these, it makes me want to go out and try it. If this isn't inspiration to go be creative, I don't know what its. Maybe, just maybe I'll dig up my old camera and film (which hopefully still works) out of the closet and take a walk around town. 

Do you have any creative photo series? Share it!

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